Activities and games for children

The Bibliothèque Nationale de France offers fun activities for kids as part of the children's digital library, and educational resources for school groups

Activity: the letter

Let's play with letters! A journey though sights, signs and sounds.

Page play

Try your hand at publishing! Select a background, a grid and some type and start composing your text.

From scriptura continua to elegant layout

An educational activity on the use of white space in interpreting texts. How is the page arranged and how does a text look different depending on the space it occupies?

Workshop on letters and signs

An educational activity on the figurative aspect of the alphabet.

A visit to the workshop of Geoffroy Tory, printer to François I

A fun visit to the world of graphic artist and printer Geoffroy Tory, who influenced many Renaissance artists

The Children's Digital Library on Facebook

There's something new to do every day in this vast library for kids – images to explore, puzzles, stories to hear or to make up, and word games.

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