Garamond's lasting influence

The Romain du Roi model influenced young punch-cutters such as Pierre-Simon Fournier (1712–1768) and Nicolas Gando (1707–ca. 1767). Renewing one's stock of fonts represented a considerable investment, and a number of type founders and printers kept their old matrices and fonts, to such an extent that the garaldes remained in use throughout the Age of Enlightenment. The case of the Fournier brothers, Jean-Pierre (1706–1783) and Pierre-Simon (1712–1768) offers an illustration of this. Jean-Pierre ran the Le Bé type foundry and stood for tradition: "…I own the foundry of Garamont, the Le Bés and Granjon; I will show my punches and matrices to all those who are lovers of true beauty (…) they are the same characters that adorned the works of the Estienne, the Plantin, the Elzeviers…". Pierre-Simon, on the other hand, offered new fonts and was the author of Manuel typographique which defined a universal system for measuring character size, based on the typographic point.

The Garaldes remained in use throughout the Age of Enlightenment.

The dispute between the two brothers – reminiscent of the quarrel of the Ancients and the Moderns – was reported on in the pages of the Journal des Savants and Mercure de France. However, Pierre-Simon, whose pioneering spirit led him to help with the publication of Diderot and d'Alembert's Encyclopédie, paid homage to those who had come before: "the Simon de Colines, the Garamonds, the Grandjons, the Le Bés, the de Sanlecques, those artists to whom the printing press is indebted for every advance, have become our Masters in this art [punch-cutting], which they brought in France to a peak of perfection that neighbouring Nations have never achieved." In England, punch-cutting flourished under William Caslon (1692–1766), who drew inspiration from 17th-century Dutch interpretations of French Renaissance fonts. His fonts had a lasting impact on the English-speaking world, and were used for many important works, including the first printed version of the United States Declaration of Independence.

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