Ministry of Education

Graphic design is offered at the institutions of the Ministry of Education in the form of a specific cursus involving graphic design and typography. Communication projects include all types of media (traditional, digital and interactive). Particular attention is paid to providing students with a specific methodology based on approaching the applied arts through analysis, the creation of and response to a set of specifications, and a desire to engage with a contemporary, innovative approach.

Students choose between an art school diploma (DMA) with a typography major, focused on the teaching of character design and the use of type in specific areas (signage, publishing, animated typography, packaging, etc.), and a vocational training certificate (BTS) in graphic design with a print or interactive major. The vocational training includes a course on letters, an integral part of communication projects. Both programmes examine the role of writing and reading in a design approach.

These two-year training programmes can be taken within a Diplôme Supérieur d’Arts Appliqués (DSAA) programme, with a two-year type design or communication strategy and design option, thus offering a master's level by the end of two years. The student can extend his or her education with a personal project addressing design and communication issues.

The goal of the Diplôme Supérieur d’Arts Appliqués (DSAA) programme in type design is to give students a sound basis in writing systems through teaching them the methods for creating, conceptualising and practice. The training develops students' thinking via the form, and the form via thinking, in every area relating to the sign. It puts typographic design and use into practice in current technological and cultural contexts.

The Diplôme Supérieur d’Arts Appliqués (DSAA) programme in communication strategy and design takes the form of lectures and workshops given by outside instructors. Basic areas of knowledge are addressed, including the social sciences and humanities (philosophy, sociology, semiology, general culture, analysis of discourse and methodology of writing, foreign languages) as well as all the various communication disciplines. Professional knowledge is anchored in the creation of advertising (typography, semiotics, design studio) and a student project (object communication and communication of the object).