Pierre Di Sciullo

Pierre Di Sciullo was born in Paris in 1961, and he is self-taught. He first explored the world of graphic novels, and then created his own experimental publication using such literary and graphic techniques as collage, quotations and appropriation. Using the experiences of reading that he developed in his review Qui ? Résiste, he designed a number of fonts, including Quantange, Minimum, Gararond, Amanar (which gave Tuaregs a font for display and printing), Durmou, Sonia, Maximum, Renaissance, and so on.

"When one doesn't have a character, one must develop a method." (Albert Camus)

He lives and works in Paris, where his clients are often connected with architecture (Centre National de la Danse, Musée Champollion de Figeac, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, etc.). He was awarded the Charles Nypels Prize in 1995 in Maastricht for his typographic output. Since 1987 he has lectured in art schools both in France and abroad; he currently gives classes at the HEAD in Geneva. His recent research – which includes work on the incarnation of the voice in writing and on the effectiveness of slogans – was recently featured at the Centre d'Art de la Ferme du Buisson in Noisiel, the Art Grandeur Nature biennale in Seine-Saint-Denis, and during the 2007 Nuit Blanche in Paris. His works are located in the surrounding environment, urging the spectator to rediscover the act of reading, the ambivalence of words and urban poetry.