The Ecole Estienne, Paris

Typography, the art of composing texts using movable type, has been at the heart of the Ecole Estienne's teaching programme since the school's inception in 1889. In all projects and in every form of research, typography requires students to make technical and creative choices that are the subject of specific sequences.

Typography, I write your name

Visual communication is its natural domain, publishing and advertising its preferred zones. It is also present in every sort of broadcast media and multimedia. It is tested, one develops expertise, working at implementing it at the highest level.

Specific teaching

Diplôme de Métier d’Art (DMA), typographic major (two years after the baccalaureate or an applied arts degree).
Diplôme Supérieur d’Art Appliqué, Typographic Design (DSAADT) (two years, level III diploma).

"Typographic Spring"

Each year, the Ecole Estienne organises this national and international-level event. The goal is to stimulate creation and debate by discussing issues of teaching crossed with social issues that involve typography.
Open workshop with art school students at the Abbaye d’Ardenne.
In partnership with the Institut Mémoire de l’Edition Contemporaine (IMEC).
A two-day seminar in Paris at the Institut National du Patrimoine (INP)
Exhibition at the Ecole Estienne.