Transfer letters

The democratisation of typography, which was heralded by the typewriter, continued with transfer letters, which were used for titling and other limited volumes of text in more of less large font sizes . The catalogues of typefaces offered by manufacturers like Letraset, Mecanorma and Alfac contained a wide variety of titling fonts and reinterpretations of major historic models.

Today, everyone is a typographer without being aware of it

Used in combination with the various rapid and inexpensive ways to reproduce texts (photocopy, laser printing), transfer letters have contributed to taking the mystery out of writing.

We have come a long way from the illuminated splendours of medieval manuscripts, and from the superb understated productions from the first centuries of moveable type. Today, everyone practices typography, although they may not realise it.

The indifferent quality of photocopies tends to give letters a "flabby" appearance.

Characters' characteristics are disappearing, to be replaced by a "standard" letter shape. Some type designers favour this universalist, contemporary neutrality, while others attempt to return to the materiality of older typefaces.

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